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I have taught ukulele in Shaftesbury, Wimborne and Salisbury for several years now and I have always been looking for good arrangements for groups to play, something beyond strumming through the song book, fun though that is.


It seems there is very little out there! So I decided to make my own arrangements, based on the abilities of real live groups, setting some of my favourite songs.


Quantity - These arrangements are designed to be played by groups of a few friends, an ensemble or by a whole ukulele group. You could have one player on each part or over ten.


Quality - There are parts for players of all abilities: Beginners can play some of the strummed parts and the Ukulele Rounds. Intermediate players will find lots to work on, from playing tunes and harmony lines to fingerpicking in a variety of patterns. More advanced players will find some of the tunes tricky, for example some of Pachelbel's Canon, some Low G lines and the Big Band setting of I Got Rhythm.

What is more fun than playing the uke?

Playing the uke with friends!



There are audio files for all these arrangements to show you how they sound and help you practise. They are stored online in Dropbox and when you purchase this book you can email me on or via the website www.theukeshack, to get the access link.



All Ukulele arrangements are copyrighted © by Robin Walter 2016.

Many thanks to my ukulele groups in Shaftesbury, Wimborne and Salisbury, who have practised many of these pieces and stress-tested them.


Notes on the arrangements

  • Ukulele Rounds

  • Mairi's Wedding

  • Hovis Theme

  • Abide With Me

  • Pachelbel's Canon

  • Scarborough Fair

  • The Water Is Wide

  • Summertime

  • I Got Rhythm

Here are some sample pieces 

from the book